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Sikkim: A land unique on its own

Sikkim is a small state in northeast India having diverse flora, fauna, and climate. Sikkim majorly attracts tourists because of its geographical, religious, cultural, and social features, which are quite a few. Here are 5 things out of the many that are unique to Sikkim: 1. Organic State Sikkim is considered an organic state, and it’s the only state in India to attain this title. The mission to convert Sikkim into an organic state was initiated back in 2003 by the chief minister of Sikkim, Shri Pawan Kumar Chamling.  For this mission, large numbers of lands in Sikkim were converted…

5 Things Unique to Kathmandu Valley

A lot of the times, people visiting Nepal come by following the lure of the mountains, the challenges they present, the grandeur of the cold snowy peaks, and the glory that comes with conquering them. On the way to the mountains, however, falls one of the most popular spots of Nepal, the Kathmandu valley. Kathmandu is a melting pot of more than a dozen different cultures and traditions; a vibrant space with resounding traditional influences. A few days in this mystical city and you’re sure to go back bursting with amazing memories. While Kathmandu is brimming with fascinating things/places/culture, here…

Rediscovering Myself In Nagaland

At a certain point in life, everyone goes through a midlife crisis, a cliché that is as real as tongue-in-cheek. Every situation seems a travesty at this phase in life, every comfort of life loses its comfort, thick mattress seems uncomfortable, friends come and go like a sit-com which we once followed as a daily academic routine, every locality starts turning local, dal-chawal-sabji lose their taste and so on, I went through all such crisis and needed a getaway ASAP!Now the problem arose as to where to go and more importantly why? The answer I didn’t know as much as…

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  • Thank you TourGenie team for organizing an awesome trip to Gangtok and North Sikkim. It was a good itinerary, warm and friendly people to guide around the place and with Sikkim being such a scenic place, we totally enjoyed it. We will definitely plan to visit again soon. Keep up the good work. Best wishes.
    Ranjitha Shetty, Bangalore
  • Thank You TourGenie for organizing such an amazing trip. Travelling to Sikkim with friends was one of the best decisions I have ever made. You guys were extremely supportive throughout the trip. Would love to visit again.
    Shrikanth Sridhar, Chennai
  • Thanks TourGenie for organizing such a beautiful bike trip to North Sikkim which we will cherish forever.
    Manvendra Pratap‎, Bangalore
  • Thank you TourGenie for such a nice trip to Sikkim. You guys made our trip much more memorable. I found the Service and the way you guys responded to be excellent. #WellOrganised #GoodAccomodation #FriendlyDrivers
    Vijay Ankam, Hyderabad
  • Sikkim - I always wanted to travel around the north east part of India and thanks to Tourgenie for making that dream come true. I had an amazing time during the 8 days trip. It is truly a heaven on the earth. The people here are amazing, the food is awesome and most important the beauty is breathtaking.
    Ankita Singh, Delhi
  • Excellent service. Very warm and friendly. Attentive and prompt. TourGenie made my 1st vacation with my son and his 1st birthday a beautiful memory.
    Nilima Raut, Mumbai
  • Thank you TourGenie for a very memorable trip to Gangtok and north Sikkim from 14th - 20th Oct’17. Our stay and travel was very well organized. Me and my wife spent some memorable moments soaked in the beauty of the stunning peaks, hills and lakes of Sikkim. We will definitely come back to explore the other parts of Sikkim and travel with Tour Genie!
    Sumanth Shenoy‎, Bangalore
  • Happy Customer here. TourGenie helped me with other useful information which was very beneficial in exploring Sikkim. In my 4 days of Gangtok tour, I visited Nathula Pass, Temi Tea Garden and other popular locations in Sikkim on motorcycle.TourGenie is highly recommended for bike rentals and tour planning in Gangtok & Sikkim. They genuinely try to help their customers.
    Jyoti Prkash Patra‎
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